The water level was VERY high in 2019, and it looks to be high again for 2020 as well. Several homes have had water in their basements and many sea walls are under water or eroding.  This situation is a major issue for homeowners who have low-lying property, and costly measures (sand bags, pumps, and more) are already being taken by many.
While you enjoy our lake this summer, please keep in mind the following important points:
  • High water levels are with us again for the 2020 season. Wakes created by boating activities are impacting many homeowners. Please be a good neighbor and be considerate about how your activities are impacting others.
  • A boat's wake is dependent on several factors, including size, weight, and speed, as well as on the distance to shore and underwater topography.  For example, most PWCs are quite fine (even at speed) if you keep to the center of the lake. You should also slow down as you go past the points, and avoid tight circles in the various coves, too.  Speedboats will indeed be less fun at no-wake speeds, but perhaps it's a perfect year to enjoy the "slow life" of the typical pontoon boat owner. Sadly, wake boats or ballast boats are simply too heavy and displace too much water to be used anywhere on the lake, as even go slow and staying in the center of the lake can throw enormous waves onto the compromised shorelines.
  • The high water is impacting EVERY lake in the area, and many are also enforcing no-wake rules.  As a private lake (with no public access), we should be able to gently remind our neighbors and visitors without worrying about offending anyone, and we shouldn't need to involve the authorities to resolve our issues.
  • Several wells and septic systems are already underwater (and are expected to remain underwater for the season), and several others are getting REAL close to the lake right now.  The risk of contamination from these systems with detergents, coliform bacteria, pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals is real.  Christie Lake Association is expected to pay PLM to perform water quality testing (including e-coli) again this year, and we will post the results when they are available.  However, there is always a risk!  Anyone with open cuts should avoid using the lake until the water recedes. For additional information, check out the EPA web site or the State of Michigan web site.

Thanks in advance to everyone for being mindful of the current conditions.