PLM took water samples on 6/7/2023 and 09/21/2023.  A copy of the Water Quality Report can be found here.
As important as it is to have a scientific evaluation of the lake water it is imperative that each of us also do our part to preserve the health of our lake. Failing septic systems can contribute to E. Coli contamination. If your septic system is compromised because of the high water levels - PLEASE have it professionally inspected / repaired. FYI:  E. Coli is not visible to the human eye. The blue-green "oil slick" on some shorelines is likely an algae being fed by the additional nutrients being washed into the water and not an indication of E. Coli contamination.
Water quality is also impacted by plant material and fertilization of lake frontage.  As a reminder, please don't allow grass clippings or other yard waste to get into the lake and remove any water based weeds that you cut. If possible, maintain a natural buffer zone along the lake front to prevent runoff from fertilized land from entering the lake, which can increase nitrogen and phosphorus content.

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