Boat Parade

The annual July 4 Holiday Boat Parade (and post-parade water fight) is scheduled for Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 2PM. 

Decorate your boat and/or yourselves and leave from your dock at 2pm.  The parade will form as we all move in a counter-clockwise direction (at slow, no-wake speeds, of course).  Join in at any point and enjoy a full lap around the lake to admire the costumes and decorations.

Following the parade, those who wish to participate in a water toss competition can remain in the center of the lake for the "battle".  To be environmentally friendly please compete with soaker guns or buckets of water and using ONLY bio-degradable balloons to protect our lake and wildlife.

Although there is no "formal" day for fireworks, it might be best to plan for the evening of July 4 for the bigger displays, since more people will likely be around to enjoy them.

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